Around the world, whenever our customers raise a glass, they do so with pride.

Maybe it is their Scottish heritage. Perhaps it is the quality of the dram that emanates from the same land from whence they or their forebears came. It could simply be the pleasure that they derive when they enjoy their favourite tipple in a quality engraved crystal glass.

While the name on the glass may be the name of your clan, the name behind the glass is Collins Crystal. And, as with any good whisky, our skills have taken years to mature.

At Collins Crystal we take pride in the unique quality of our engraving, our designs originating from a series of one-off Diamond point engravings by Brendan Collins. In 1987 demand for these engravings saw the launch of Collins Crystal, where the skill of Diamond point was combined with more contemporary forms of commercial engraving.

We have primarily concentrated on Scottish Heraldry and have built a wealth of knowledge and are able to offer the complete range of Scottish Clan Crests, with over 2000 associated or Sept names. We also draw inspiration from the diverse areas that surround us in Scotland and have a wide range of Scottish Designs including Celtic artwork, Game birds, Birds of prey,Native Wildlife, Fishing, Shooting and Golfing designs.

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